• 3 and 7 Mode Models Available
  • Dual Triggers for MW2 Pistols
  • Burst Fire included in 7 Mode
  • Best Modded Controller!
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Bad Company

Left 4 Dead
Black Ops
Bad comapny 2
Left 4 Dead 2



lightning has the triggers you need


Welcome to the Lightning Advantage
concept: automatic trigger play playability: awesome would you buy?: no doubt

First we want you to know we are all gamers ourselves. We are all about fun! We all play, and we all know the value of fair play, we do not condone, indorse, or recommend using any of our controllers for anything other then private matches, or single player.

We are not the other controller companies. We are the BEST controller company! Our staff is very diverse in ages from teens to forties. We want to know what everyone wants, all games, and all ages. That’s why we want YOUR input also. We will gladly accept suggestions or ideas from YOU, if we use your idea, we will send you a working version of it as a thank you.

Our research and development team work hard to stay up on the latest, most popular games to bring you cutting technology, and design easy to use controllers, giving you a Lightning Advantage over your competition. The game industry has been so successful because from the beginning with Pong, to endless hours of COD4, gamers love to compete.

Got issues with your TV? Get a Replacement Remote Control for your tv controller or Replacement TV Bulb for your flat screen or big screen television made by any of the big boys like Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Samsung, RCA, LG and more.. You have to have a good working TV to experience the turbo charge modded controllers from lightning!